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If this is all an instructor seeks buy a term paper college his or her students, said instructor makes it nearly impossible to differentiate between the work of a pupil and the work of a person who has never set a foot in the lecture hall.

If, by contrast, one designs materials, assignments and exams with thought, care, and specificity, one has much better odds of spotting the work of an outsider. Partial emphasis on buy college term paper writing exercises, when supplemented by out-of-class assignments, is a powerful way of getting to know students' writing capabilities and voices. Class time should be used to challenge students with unique and fun writing exercises. There are a lot of ways to integrate this strategy into an existing curriculum.

Assignments can be formal and woven into the grading structure or they can simply be loosely defined writing activities designed to promote critical thinking.

The important thing is that these assignments will require students to write thoughtfully and uniquely on course-relevant subjects, providing the instructor with readily verifiable writing samples throughout a semester. No matter how convincingly a ghostwriter writes on a given subject, this approach provides a document whose authorship is not in question as a point of comparison.

For assignments of greater depth, a balance between in-class and out-of-class draft-writing offers a measure of oversight even as the student pursues an assignment independently. The caveat with this strategy is that there may be nothing stopping the student from outsourcing each and every draft of the assignment. However, using the multi-draft process can stretch an assignment out across weeks or months. This results in a greater length of exposure for the cheating student.

Instead of the once-and-done security of getting away with a single ghostwritten assignment, each student knows that his or her work will be held up to sustained and ongoing scrutiny.

By inserting one-on-one conferences into this draft process, the instructor can heighten this scrutiny by requiring each student to defend the approach, argument, and decisions comprising the written work. This is also an opportunity to challenge students buy a college term paper craft unique arguments based on course content.

Assignments that incorporate personal experiences and interests not only offer students buy a college term paper welcome reprieve buy a college term paper the rote, repetitive, or regurgitation-based work that makes up so many courses, they also make it more difficult for the ghostwriter to assume a student's identity.

This challenge may even strain the credibility of submitted assignments to the point of making them more detectable. Professors might be shocked to learn that many of the customers I've served have requested personal essays without providing any personal information. In other words, the assignment instructs the student to write about a life-changing experience and the customer leaves me, the ghostwriter, with the power to define this life-changing experience.

Knowing one's students on a personal level might, in this case, provide more than enough information to peg suspicious assignments.

Naturally, not every subject or discipline lends itself to personalization. But in many of the liberal arts subjects, where cheating is decidedly rampant, there is an opportunity to create assignments that correlate to the everyday lives, individual cultures, geographical backgrounds, ethnic makeups, personal histories, and extra-curricular interests of one's students.

Most ghostwriters have no problem with a little creative writing but, again, this approach gives an educator the chance to spot a mismatch between a student and the written work. Just as experienced ghostwriters become accustomed to seeing the exact same assignments over and over, they also get accustomed to seeing the same sources and personal statement essays samples materials again and again.

Instructors can reduce the ease with which an outsider can replicate old assignments by updating course materials and creating new assignments on an annual basis. Ghostwriters rely on materials that are readily available online and prefer the efficiency of assignments that can be summoned from memory and experience. Creating challenging course material that is not drawn verbatim from standard texts can serve as a distinguishing feature when it comes time to read students' work.

In addition to creating unique course materials, a course should be designed to distinguish the in-class experience from the experience of reading about something on Wikipedia. Assignments that rely strictly on standard texts make the ghostwriter's job very easy. Most texts are readily available online. By contrast, a lecture, a class discussion and the experience of being a part of both should be something unique and impossible to buy a term paper college.

Nobody's saying every professor has to be Robin Williams in Dead Poets Societybut every professor should give his or her students something they can't get on the Internet. Naturally, if they can get it on the Internet, so can any ghostwriter.

The goal is obviously not to eliminate, supersede, or overlook the standard texts. The classics are important. But differentiating what happens in a classroom and calling for written work that reflects this differentiation do create a genuine challenge buy a college term paper the ghostwriter.

Predictable testing methods i. Multiple-choice, machine-graded exams help the student differentiate between reporting to class on test day and outsourcing take-home writing work. Merging essay-writing and test-taking removes this impression. Instructors can create mixed format tests that include multiple-choice, essay questions, short-answer questions, etc.

This approach requires the student to demonstrate writing capacity during in-class testing. Once again, this approach results in the creation of a written document that one can be certain originated from the student in question. This forms a good basis for comparison with suspicious take-home work and-insofar as it also might give the student pause before submitting ghostwritten work-also makes an excellent segue into our discussion on deterrence. Deterrence refers to ways of diminishing the inclination, motive, or desire to purchase a ghostwritten paper.

A Research in Higher Education study, seeking to understand the motives buy a college term paper student cheating, finds that cheating is often rational in nature. That is, students at least believe that they are cheating out of ease, normalcy, or necessity. The study finds that the onus falls on instructors to live up to certain student expectations regarding clarity and engagement of course content.

The study identifies this as the best route to deterring the rationalized impulse to use a ghostwriting service. In other words, deterrence should revolve around strategies that make cheating seem buy a term paper college rational. The NZQA suggests that one way to deter cheating is to be in a state of constant evidence-gathering.

The NZQA notes that such evidence can extend from written work to a mix of formative and summative assessments as well as informal ongoing observations. The article points out that this would serve as a beneficial way to help TAs or graders identify writing inconsistencies even without their having the opportunity to know the students personally. The NZQA points out that while strategies such as one-on-one conferencing may seem time-consuming, this approach could actually occupy less time than setting, proctoring, and grading exams.

This research is compatible with my experience to some extent. I have also generally observed that students are more motivated to cheat in contexts where professors aren't particularly motivated to teach. Students know when a professor is disengaged from the subject, the class, or the general profession of educating our youth. The Honor System is a useful way to ensure that students understand what is expected of their work in terms of originality.

But it makes for a poor deterrent on its own. The customers who contact ghostwriting services out of laziness or a feeling of being overburdened by their various personal and academic responsibilities are generally not moved by the ethical quandary of cheating.

When they express concern to the ghostwriter about the process of purchasing and receiving a ghostwritten paper, all of this concern focuses on the fear of being caught. While many of the suggestions below revolve around student engagement as a way of deterring cheating, they work best when backed by sound detection strategies such as those outlined in the subsequent section.

Average dissertation length of the educational experience can instill in the student a greater sense of commitment to course materials and to the knowledge and career opportunities thereby implied. Large lecture halls and online courses can create a sense of anonymity for the would-be cheater. Instructors can remove this sense of anonymity by creating opportunities where students can advance along individual research paths while sharing the same larger educational experience.

Strategies include greater research subject flexibility, more opportunities for independent study and the chance to complete work directly relevant to a chosen career path. Students will be less inclined to employ the services of a ghostwriter if they believe that what they are researching will actually lead to pertinent knowledge and skills with value beyond university halls.

One thing that large universities and online courses have in common is that, if one desires, one can go an entire semester without ever once personally meeting a professor.

There is comfort in this anonymity. Removing this comfort creates a deterrent that does not otherwise exist. Strategies such as mandatory and regular one-on-one conferences can create a relationship between student and professor that can't be avoided.

With respect to online courses, videoconferencing applications are now readily available and standard for laptops, home computers, and smartphones. By building conferencing or videoconferencing into the semester, the instructor fosters a relationship with his or her students that will function as its own deterrent. Mandatory class participation heightens the imperative for students to become familiar with course content. Buy college term paper contributions to class discussions gives students a strong incentive to establish a consistent voice and perspective on course subjects.

Class discussion helps to create a connection between the student and certain ideas, perspectives, buy french essay ways of expressing oneself on a given subject.

The more intensive and exciting the in-class discussion, the harder it will be for students to divorce themselves from the ideas stated in class. As a ghostwriter, I have completed buy college term paper assignments on controversial social issues like gun control, abortion, affirmative action, and the War on Terror. In every case, the student is likely to have a well-defined position and some fairly personal reasons for that position. By creating a safe educational context in which these positions can be shared, explored, defended, and held in civil contrast with one another, the instructor can deter the student from outsourcing the expression of these positions when it comes time to write.

This approach forces students to own the opinions and ideas that will ultimately form their written work. As a bonus, this approach is also more than likely helping students to refine their ideas in ways that make them better prepared to handle their written assignments. This one is really and truly up to each individual educator. It is within research bib educator's power to be as creative, energetic, inspiring, original, unpredictable, and engaging as he or she wants to be.

In reality, this relationship weighs heavier on the conscience. Many students feel no remorse about cheating in a course from which there is a feeling of disengagement. Uninspired lectures, standard texts, and generic assignments serve as great ammunition for a buy a term paper college who wishes to rationalize his or her detachment.

These conditions also help to reinforce the commonly held conception among students that education revolves around grading rather than learning. If this conception is true and in the least inspiring classrooms, it usually isit really doesn't matter how a student comes by his or her grade so long as it is a good one.

Educators create a deterrent to this attitude by being their best selves in the classroom, during their office hours and beyond. In each instance, the student has added cause to be intimately familiar with his or her subject and is therefore deterred from handing the subject off to a ghostwriter. Detection is both a manual process driven by professorial experience and a technology-driven process with continued room for growth and improvement.

In either case, detecting ghostwritten materials requires familiarity with each student's subject knowledge and writing style. In a study regarding authorship identification of online messages, Zheng et al.

These habits, such as paragraph length, use of indentation, and use of signature, can be strong authorial evidence of personal writing style. This denotes a detection strategy where a student's portfolio of writing comprises a body of work to be used as a diagnostic tool. Though it is tempting to think of a future where this level of manual detection is no longer necessary, the reality is that no degree of automated detection will replace the need for professorial vigilance.

But faculty must review and interpret the report. Even with the best detection software, human analysis is required. Only the critical eye of the professor will be capable of determining if academic dishonesty has occurred. The goal is to find instructive and innovative ways of merging human analysis and technology-mediated assessment to detect ghostwriting.

Among the study's recommendations, the approach that yielded the most compelling findings was the author's investigation of linguistic similarities across a sample set of assignments.

Buy a college term paper

Researchers suggest that these tendencies toward dependency on certain verbiage and phraseology can serve as fairly reliable indicators of authorship. Accordingly, the researchers suggest that the work of specific professional ghostwriters could itself be stamped with distinguishing features. The tool will be soon american phd thesis with ghostwriter detectors. We do hope that it will discover the cheat and reduce it to the level of previous years.

The study's proposal points to the scholarly use of statistical analysis to determine authorship of historical documents and manuscripts. The study acknowledges the challenge of applying this strategy to the decidedly more modest bodies of work created by individual students.

The goal of the buy college term paper is to determine how to adapt these analyses to smaller writing sample sizes. It is hoped that even as a precursor to a full-scale study, this project will be able to suggest steps that maximize the reliability of ascription of ghostwritten works. What differentiates customers of ghostwriting services from other cheaters is that they are willing to go the extra mile to avoid detection.

Turnitin and other plagiarism-detection services have all but eliminated the threats of copy-and-paste, duplication, and other modes of self-directed online cheating. Of course, students attempt all of these methods anyway.

But educators do have a resource at their disposal that absolutely works. Students who use ghostwriting services know this quite well. As I noted earlier, assignment instructions often include the specification that Turnitin will be used. This is the equivalent of hiring a jewel thief and arming him with the vault's security schematics. The ghostwriter will compose an assignment with every intention of evading this security.

But of course, the ghostwriter can only control what goes on outside of the classroom. It therefore falls on the professor to use in-class time wisely. Standardizing one-on-one conferencing with each student following assignment-submission requires each student to defend his or her writing. This is an especially attractive approach because it need not revolve around the suspicion of cheating.

This healthy exercise can simply serve as a way of helping the student to reflect on the content of an assignment and the process involved in its completion. That said, the approach would also serve inherently as a microscope fixed on the student's work.

Inconsistencies between the ideas, voice and knowledge expressed in the written work and in the interview will serve as red flags and as a point of entry for a more prying investigation.

Of the many strategies outlined in this account, this may well be the most readily adaptable to any context where writing forms a portion of the coursework. Here, the orientation process for any writing-intensive course will begin with an in-class writing assignment. This sample will serve as a literary fingerprint for each student to be used for the purpose of matching against voice, diction, and other distinguishing features when evaluating future assignments for signs of ghostwriting.

In addition to being adaptable to any number of learning contexts, this is a strategy that could also produce meaningful evidence of cheating or, at the very least, shift the burden of proof to the student.

Not to be overlooked is the opportunity that this strategy also offers to identify students who struggle with writing and to provide them with access to the support they need. One way to improve the chances of detecting ghostwritten work is to simply be a savvier user of technology than the average cheating student. It's easier than one might think. Most instructors already require students to submit materials digitally.

Certainly this is true for educators teaching online courses and for those who use plagiarism-detection software. This should include information about the file's author, the registered user of the machine or program on which it was created, the date it was created and some history on modifications made to the file.

All of this information constitutes real, concrete, and usable evidence in making a case against a student suspected of cheating. Based on the effectiveness and value of Turnitin. According to a study published in the December International Journal of Computer Science and Network, stylometric [O1][BT2]software may be an effective tool in author identification and authentication.

Stylometry is a method of author identification with a long and sometimes problematic history in literary scholarship. Its use has historically pertained to authorship attribution for ancient texts and classical works of literature whose authorship is in question. However, a compelling study from notes that a forensic interest in online authorship attribution has given new purpose to stylometric analysis. Researchers point to two major distinctions in the detection of online authorship: the error-prone and unstructured nature of online content and the brevity of most samples.

The study's focus on stylometric author identification through the character medium of Twitter demonstrates a focus on redressing both challenges. With improved data accuracy such as that sought in the above-noted study, Stylometric software could be the key to creating an algorithmic literary fingerprint for every student. This fingerprint, molded by each individual's unique tendencies in terms of phrasing, word-choice, and diction, could be used as a yardstick against which a student's subsequent assignments are measured.

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